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  • The Electoral Vote Count and Inauguration Day [Updated]David Weisberg March 27, 2023
    Andrew Hyman has written an interesting post concerning another interesting post he had initially decided not to post. (I hope that’s clear.) I’d like to comment on what I believe to be an error in that formerly unposted post. Before commenting, however, I want to echo Mr. Hyman’s praise of...
    Mike Rappaport

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  • A New Home for ConSource at Pembroke College, University of Oxford October 19, 2020
    We are excited to announce that as of October 11, 2020, ConSource will merge with the Quill Project, a research center based at Pembroke College, Oxford. This merger is the culmination of many years of collaboration between the teams at ConSource and Quill. This transatlantic merger will build on ConSource’s 15 years as a leader […]