Feature Events

Presentation – SGK Fredericksburg Gun Show: 2-3pm Sunday 29 January 2017

Some complain today that the federal government ignores the Constitution and does what it wants.  This could not be further from the truth.  Nevertheless, the Constitution does not operate today as designed by the 55 men who spent four long, hot months in a Philadelphia summer drafting it.
Nor does it retain the meaning that 1628 delegates to 13 ratifying conventions ascribed to it in 1787-88. Something has definitely changed. We are $19 Trillion dollars in official debt, with no relief in sight.  Unless changes are made, and soon, we will face certain ruin as a nation. Come learn why the Constitution no longer operates as it was designed and how this change took place.  You’ll also learn that this condition is not permanent, that there is a way to move us back towards “original intent.”

The show will be held at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center, 2371 Carl D Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA.  There is an $8 admission charge ($5 children 13-17), which is discounted $1 for Military, Police and all First Responders with proper ID.

Debate on a Convention of the States (COS) – March 15 2014

Presentation to the York Republican Women’s Club – September 8, 2014, 1130am, Second Street Restaurant
Contact: Kris Butz: 757-969-3689

Presentation to the Chesapeake Tea Party – February 19, 2015, Zino Italian Restaurant, 850 Old George Washington Hwy N, Chesapeake, VA 23323.  7-8pm. Subject: Convention of the States

Presentation to the Tidewater Teaparty Alliance – February 24, 2015, Dennis’ Spaghetti & Steak House, 3356 Western Branch Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23321. 7-8pm.  Subject: Convention of the States