What They’ve Said

Comments About Visits by “James Madison ”

“Thank You!! I really enjoyed your presentation, and the students did also. It was very, very good.” L.V. 14 Dec 17

“Thank you for coming to my classes and sharing your information on James Madison. I think you have done an outstanding job with the kids. The points that you make really reinforce the things I cover in class in regards to Federalism and the Bill of Rights. Your answers to the students questions are fantastic. especially when you are able to answer the questions about his personal life. Many of my students remark that they are surprised that you could possibly know so much about his personal life.” M.S. 11 Dec 17

“Thank you so much for coming …; we fully enjoyed your program! All of our students today were still reeling from excitement and said that you were amazing! There were a few students who were carrying around their constitutions with them.” C. O 8 Dec 17

“I really enjoyed your presentation and look forward to having you visit again next year.” S. M. 22 Feb 17

“Thank you for providing our students with your wonderful performance.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was very impressive!” L. M. 15 Feb 17

“Thank you again- the students really enjoyed it!” K.L. 19 Dec 16

“Great job! The kids really enjoyed your presentation! Thank you.”  W. G. 17 Dec 16

“Your presence was greatly enjoyed! I would love to have you visit again in the future. Please let me know if that is a possibility and how to plan accordingly.”  K.S. 16 Dec 16

“I can’t thank you enough for coming.  You were great and I know my class said they really thought it was cool!” N.R. 15 Dec 16

“Thank you so very much for visiting our classes today. My students enjoyed your talk and their pocket constitutions. Much of what you spoke on today, we are examining in class. Perfect timing. Thank you for what you do.” A. W. 15 Dec 16

“Thank you so much for your visit today. My students really enjoyed it!” R. V. 13 Dec 16

“I asked the kids [about your use of 18th Century vernacular] and they agreed it added to your presentation.  They didn’t understand a few words but they liked the language.  I would continue using [it]!”  K.L. 12 Dec 16

“You did an amazing job and my students really enjoyed it!” D.R. 12 Dec 16

Comments regarding “We the People, the Constitution Matters” radio show

“Extraordinary!  Profound!  Brilliant!  No other program on the radio compares!  Too much information given out. I need for them to slow it down so I can digest it and think on it.  Ask the speakers to go over points more often.  This program is critical for the well being of our country.”  30 Dec 15

Comments regarding CLI’s Courses and Seminars

“Gary, thanks so much for  the rich presentation. We need you replicated across the country!  I really admire how you stay so calm in the midst of the robbery of our Constitutional rights.  It’s a real blessing that you are so knowledgeable about our founding history & documents. Seems like there is soooo much to do – where to start??”  God bless W.C. 18 Sep 17

“Mr. Porter’s presentation was extraordinary. His detailed knowledge of the subject provided an excellent foundation of James Madison’s pre-eminent role to include the Bill of Rights within our constitution. I could have listen[ed] for at least another two hours.” Anonymous 21 Jun 17

“Mr. Porter is very knowledgeable about the subject – very interesting class. Invite him back!” Anonymous 21 Jun 17

“Very thought provoking and enlightening. Mr. Porter has incredible knowledge. Very informative.” Anonymous 21 Jun 17

“Excellent! Let’s get him for his day-long course on the Constitution.” Anonymous 21 Jun 17

“I enjoyed the class very much. You are most impressive to guide that all-day class to the exact end-time as promised. Great job overall, and I look forward to work through the workbook and quizzes at my leisure.” J.F. 23 May 16

“We would like to thank you for traveling such a long distance to lead the Constitution/Government class for our students.  Our son…has thoroughly enjoyed your class.  He only wishes he could study under you every day of the year! [He] has always loved history, but your course has introduced him to the true heart of our country.  Thank you for sharing your passions and talents with this group of young students.  We pray many blessings over you.” B & A. P. 13 May 16

“Thank you so much for how you have invested in our educations.  We are so very thankful for your time and wisdom.  May God greatly bless your work.” [Students] 13 May 16

“That you for such a wonderful day of learning for all of us. Thank you again for this info.” D. and J.n E. 10 April 16

“We would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge of the Constitution with us yesterday. [We] found the class to be rich in information and enjoyed your enthusiasm. [My daughter] plans to use your recommendations of reading books, and continuing the study of Constitution Rocks!. Look forward to future classes of yours. Thanks again and God bless you and your wife.” S.T.  15 Nov 15

“I attended your talk at VCA on July 11th. Your teachings/explanations opened my eyes in many areas as to what the constitution does and does not say.” T.L 4 Sep 15

“We all benefited greatly from your seminar and plan to build momentum on what we’ve learned.”
A.S. 23 Aug 15

“It was not only an honor meeting you yesterday … but also an eye opener and learning experience about the original intent of our constitution. For certain; I believe I walked away a much better informed American. Your seminar including the study guide and information given throughout the day enables me and empowers me to continue to learn more about our constitutional rights and has surely better enabled me to stand up and take action when our government leaders are stealing our liberty and freedom.” H.M. 23 Aug 15

“…your course is priceless. For me, it was a day filled with learning and insights.” G.D. 8 Jun 15

“…thank you for an excellent presentation. I would certainly recommend your very well done presentation to every one. Best wishes for continued success,” C.D. 7 Jun 15

“Thanks again Gary for sharing all your diligent research with us. It was an excellent lecture.” A.S. 20 May 15

“The presentation was excellent! God bless you richly.” Y.C. 20 May 15

“Many thanks to you for guiding the discussion so expertly on Saturday. I was intensely interested and you made the course very enjoyable. I regret only that I had to leave early at about 5 PM due to another commitment and therefore missed the final segment. Thank you for your dedication!”
T.F. 18 may 15

“Thanks for teaching a great class on the #CONSTITUTION Gary @ConstitutionLed Nothing but great feedback. #veterans.” CVA 17 May 15

“Hi Gary, I enjoyed your seminar very much and so did my colleagues. I hope that you will come back and teach another class.” A.V. 17 May 15

“Gary, I found the seminar informative, thought provoking, educational, a tad biased toward the Christian belief, but over all a great use of my time. Thank you for the lessons. I have always known our foundation was a strong one but with all the corruption and deception that plays a part in today’s politics I didn’t think there was hope for keeping our Constitution. Its always been my thinking that it would be much easier to just wipe the slate and start a new. I do have different thoughts and ideas now and you are to thank for that.” A.P. 17 May 15

“Hello Gary, I wanted to thank you for the Constitutional course you taught. I think all of us who took it enjoyed it very much, and found it more than edifying. I lost internet connect during that last session, so I could not express this at the end of the class.” H.M. 14 May 15

“I have gained so much from your course! You’ve been a terrific teacher and a blessing to all of us. Thank for this labor of love of yours to educate your fellow citizens and brothers and sisters in Christ. Your efforts have hit the mark!” C.R. 4 May 15

“Wow! I have never seen these statements in formal use. I have missed so much history in my educational pathways. Thank you for helping me be aware of some of what I missed and finally seeing for first time! Blessings to you and all your staff,” R.C. 3 May 15

“[The]… Seminar offered not just a dry examination of dusty documents but a thorough look at the times in which they were created. [Mr. Porter] is a constitutional scholar with insight and appreciation for these milestones in Liberty’s Legacy. It was a profitable day.”
C. K., Historian and Publisher; Chairman, Bill of Rights Bicentennial Committee

“The class was great and I am very glad I attended. My 15-year-old son got a lot out of it… [T]hat was my intent on having him attend because his generation will have to save the country….”
B.P., Professional Engineer.

“I truly enjoyed the [seminar] and learned a lot.” N.B., County Recorder of Deeds.

“Keep up the good work, Gary! You are a courageous and determined candle for freedom lovers, dispelling the dark shroud of ignorance in a troubling time. Blessings!” M.J., Breakthrough Church.

“TRULY A TALENTED TEACHER. If you are in the area, its worth every penny. We took a Constitution class with this gentleman last year…..Gary Porter is amazing!” R. D.

Comments regarding Gary’s Essays

“Thank you for the … piece on the difference between a democracy and federal republic. All teachers need this!” J.O. 22 Nov 16

“Brilliant clarity and confidence-building impact.  Reading Jeremiah 30 this AM had same impact.  God is Sovereign, right is right, liberty is liberty.” C.A. 2 Jun 16

“Thanks, and in case you do not hear it nearly enough……..You are providing a service that is profoundly important today.  If you can reach someone like me……a Nurse Practitioner, with a weak history/civics background, you have accomplished something very special. You have my gratitude!” P.G. 25 Oct 15

“Bravo. I think this is the best article you have written so far (Constitutional Corner – Presidential Executive Orders). If only more people would be involved I our government process. Thank you for your persistence.” B.N. 17 Sep 15

“Your subject titled essay in today’s Fairfax Free Citizen is interesting and educational, surely requiring thought and effort. Appreciated. Well worth the time – to read and reread. Thank you!”
A.W. 10 sep 15

“I read [your essays] to the end… They are filled with historical information I eat up like candy!”
D.J. 4 Jul 15

“I appreciate all your essays. They have been extremely educational.” A.S. 20 Jun 15

“Excellent [essay]. A fitting and strategic knock-out after the first two swings.” C.A. 17 Jun 15

“Thank you so much for forwarding your essay. It gives me much hope. Your report was very inspiring–and interesting! I am constantly looking for encouraging articles to share with those who are having a hard time being hopeful! WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP HOPE BECAUSE WE SERVE AN ALL-POWERFUL AND LOVING GOD. He created this country and he can do whatever he wants with it. Hopefully, that means full recovery although that may seem quite a lot to expect.” D.R. 1 May 15

“Hello Gary, I am excited to share with you that my daughter, Veronica, who took your IOTC class online through FACE, just had an article published by Jake MacAuley. It is also my turn to pay it forward and start multiplying the message in Minnesota. The local NCFCA debate club has asked me to teach the IOTC student class to their club to kick-off their program before the new school year. If you have any suggestions for me in this regard, they would be most appreciated. Thank you & God bless,” P. F. 24 Apr 15

“I applaud what you are doing! I do not want you to think I am in opposition or exposing your work to criticism. You are the expert, my knowledge is spotty at best. You are opening my eyes to many things I did not know.” M. S.

“Gary, I don’t know how you have the time to write these wonderful essays but they are refreshing and informative. The one below is especially appropriate considering the challenges we face today with PC. Thank for all you do!” C.D. 9 Apr 15

“Very well written, Gary. Completely agree with your analysis.” J. R.

“May I again say how much I appreciate your efforts to give me, and I am sure others, perspective….context, to issues that are directly related to our Constitution. This takes time, effort and passion on your part…..and Thank You!” P.G. 9 Apr 15

“Thanks a bunch for putting me on your mailing list, re: constitution education & discussion. You have some really “good stuff.” G. T.

“I faintly remember signing up for your Constitution Leadership emails, and I AM GLAD I DID. The email below is one of the best reviews I have seen in some time. Thank you.”
J.M. (George Washington Re-enactor)

“Your articles/papers are great. Excellent discussion starters with the young adults. Thank you.
A.S,, LtCol USAF, Squadron Commander